Friday, September 12, 2014

Sally Kirkland appears at "Archaeology of a Woman" screening at Village East Cinema

NYC 9-12-13: Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland (Anna, JFK, Bruce Almighty) appears at a special screening of her new film "Archaeology of a Woman" at the Village East Cinema with writer and director Sharon Greytak; co-star and Emmy Winner, Elaine Bromka and special guests Angelica Page (6th Sense, the Contender), Franc D'Ambrosio (Godfather III, Phantom of the Opera), Rutanya Alda (Deer Hunter, Mommie Dearest) and a post screening Q&A moderated by Michael Musto.

Archaeology of a Woman is a gripping drama of a woman's fierce determination to save her mind from spiraling into delusion as she attempts to keep a chilling secret from her part buried.

All photos © Derek Storm

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak, Elaine Bromka

Sally Kirkland

Michael Musto & Sally Kirkland

Sharon Greytak

Sharon Greytak & Michael Musto

Elaine Bromka

Rutanya Alda

Franc D'Ambrosio

Mel England

Anthony Haden-Guest

Angelica Page

Sally Kirkland & Sharon Greytak

Sally Kirkland & Angelica Page

Sally Kirkland, Sharin Greytak & Franc D'Ambrosio

Sally Kirkland & Fran D'Ambrosio

Sally Kirkland with Mel England & Kate McBride Tenney

Sally Kirkland with Natalie Stone & Kennet Karlsson

Sally Kirkland & Rene Rokk

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak & producers Idanna Pucci and Terence Ward

Sally Kirkland, Mel England, Idanna Pucci, Sharon Greytak and Terence Ward

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak and Daniel McNaught

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak and Irwin Young

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak and Julian Michael

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak and Mel England

Sally Kirkland, Sharon Greytak, Leslie Caveney and Rutanya Alda

Kennet Karlsson, Sally Kirkland, Idanna Pucci, Brian Geldin, Terence Ward
Sharon Greytak, Elaine Bromka, Adrienne Stern

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