Monday, July 20, 2015

Jake Gyllenhaal, "Pixels" cast at GMA and George Hamilton at Today Show

NYC 7-20-15: Jake Gyllenhaal promotes his new film "Southpaw" at Good Morning America along with the cast of Chris Columbus' new film "Pixels" including Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad, Kevin James, and Adam Sandler while over at the Today Show, George Hamilton promotes his new show "Stewart's & Hamilton's" with ex-wife Alana Stewart and her daughter with Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart. All photos © Derek Storm

Jake Gyllenhaal

Chris Columbus, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad, Kevin James, Adam Sandler

Michelle Monaghan

Chris Columbus

Josh Gad

Kevin James

Adam Sandler

Kimberly Stewart, George Hamilton, Alana Stewart

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