Thursday, October 22, 2015

"When Bette Met Mae" opens New Fest at the Bow Tie Cinema

NYC 10-22-15: "When Bette Met Mae" opens the New Fest at the Bow Tie Cinema.

"When Bette Met Mae" documents the first meeting of two legendary film icons, Bette Davis and Mae West, occurring in 1973 at Davis' home. An audio tape recorded by close friend, neighbor and bartender of the evening, Wes Wheadon, becomes the dubbed soundtrack for a documentary film featuring actors who recreate that meeting with the help of Oscar and Emmy winning make-up artist Matthew Mungle. The contributions these women made to film history unfold as they discuss their lives, loves, family and public image.

All photos © Derek Storm

Randy Jones of the Village People, Matthew Mungle, Wes Wheadon, Bruce Vilanch

Brandon Larcom

Matthew Mungle, Wes Wheadon, Brandon Larcom

Wes Wheadon, Brandon Larcom

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  1. I'll bet the NYC audience LOVED this film as much as the those in Los Angeles did! Congratulations Wes Wheadon on your fine work bringing this film project to fruition!