Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apollo Astronaut Gene Cernan appears at a screening of "The Last Man on the Moon"

NYC 2-18-16: Astronaut Gene Cernan (Gemini 9A, Apollo X, Apollo XVII) appears at a special screening of "The Last Man on the Moon." Powered by the same adrenaline, drama and raw emotions experienced by former NASA astronaut and Navy Captain Eugene "Gene" Cernan, "The Last Man on the Moon" tells the story of when Cernan became the last man to step off the surface of the moon in December 1972. Leaving his footprints and his daughters initials in the lunar dust, Cernan is now ready to share his epic and deeply personal story of fulfillment, love and loss. All photos © Derek Storm

Gene Cernan

Gene Cernan and director Mark Craig

Producer mark Stewart, Gene Cernan, Director Mark Craig, Producer Gareth Dodds

John Oates, Gene Cernan & Mark Stewart

Neil Cavuto of Fox News, son Bradley Cavuto & Gene Cernan

Gene Cernan and friend George Jones

Gene Cernan and friend Bill Smith

John Oates

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